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Our School

Tatvam means 'essence'. We began our journey in 2014 with four students and a small space at home. Today, Tatvam has established itself as one of the premier destinations in the Houston area for young talents ready to immerse themselves in this great art of Bharathanatyam. The school believes that a strong foundation is essential to be a good dancer and therefore, focuses on building the fundamentals through rigorous training. In addition, students are also taught the theory aspects of Bharathanatyam to further their understanding of the art form. At Tatvam, we strive to unleash the creativity and imagination that is innately present in each child. We provide a nurturing environment that helps develop a quest for learning and ensures success in the future. 


Founder & Artistic Director

Lavanya Prabu is an accomplished dancer, a passionate teacher, and an innovative choreographer. She is a senior disciple of ‘Kalaimamani’ Guru Smt. Rhadha, one of the foremost teachers and choreographers of Bharathanatyam and a torchbearer of the Vazhuvoor bani. Lavanya has performed extensively in India, Australia, UK and USA, played lead roles in many dance productions, won many reputed dance competitions and has been featured in tele serials based on Bharatanatyam. With over twenty years of experience as a teacher, Lavanya is known for her dedication, commitment and involvement in everything she does. Her unique ability to connect with each and every one of her students inspires them to not only learn Bharathanatyam, but also love and enjoy their dance education.

Our Parampara

Tatvam School of Dance has a rich "parampara" or culture of passing down knowledge through generations. It starts with Natyacharya Padmasri Vazhuvoor B. Ramiah Pillai  who was a creative genius hailing from a family that propagated the Vazhuvoor tradition of Bharathanatyam. The Vazhuvoor bani popularized by him is known for subtle expressions, fluid grace, sculpturesque poses and effortless glides. Kalaimamani Guru Smt. Rhadha is a direct disciple of Sri Ramiah Pillai and the torch bearer of the Vazhuvoor tradition of bharathanatyam today. A brilliant choreographer, and a teacher extraordinaire, Smt. Rhadha is the
recipient of numerous titles and awards such as the Kalaimamani, Acharya Choodamani, Natya Ratnakara, Nritya Ratnakara,  Sangeet Natak Akademi award, and the Sangita Kala Acharya to name a few.


Core Values

Targeted Teaching

Believes that every student is unique and talented, providing personal attention and customized goals foreach student.

Value Tradition

Brings students closer to their cultural values and roots.

Attention to Detail

Gives great attention to detail helping the student reach his/her greatest potential.

Achieve Success

Cultivates a spiritual connection ensuring healthy mind and body development.

Theory and Practical

Imparts knowledge through theory lessons in addition to practical training for complete understanding of the art.

Make Learning Fun

Strives to make learning a joyful experience for the students.

Why Tatvam?

Our students are in it for the long haul. The school strives to instill in every student that walks in, a life- long connection with Bharathanatyam. When you join Tatvam, you can rest assured that your child will enjoy an enriching experience that instills deep-rooted appreciation and love for the art-form and culture. Guided by our core values, we offer a unique blend of theory and practical lessons that is adapted to each child’s learning ability to provide the student a wholesome experience in Bharathanatyam. Attention to detail starting from beginner classes, continuous progress evaluations, adaptive teaching to suit the child’s ability, integration of theory in practical lessons and providing performance opportunities while ensuring uninterrupted learning progress are some of the school’s practices that set Tatvam apart. 

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