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The Tatvam Experience

At Tatvam, we believe that children learn best when they love what they learn. Providing a nurturing environment helps students develop at a comfortable pace while encouraging them to push themselves outside their comfort zone. This helps them sustain their love for the art over long term and achieve success. We believe that this is a multi-year process and there are no shortcuts. Tatvam strives to provide the best learning experience for its students to achieve its mission of experiencing divinity in the art.


Our Instruction Format

Tatvam focuses on both theory and practical lessons for a wholesome experience


Adavus or basic steps are the alphabets of Bharathanatyam. Students go through rigorous training in the adavus to enable them to build a strong foundation.


Students that have completed all the adavus are taught move on to learn dances. The complexity of these dances increase progressively.


Students are taught theory based on the famous text 'Abhinayadarpana' as part of their dance education right from the beginner level to further their understanding of what they learn.

Anika Rao, Tatvam Student

"Bharathanatyam has changed my life, all thanks to my guru Lavanya aunty’s dedication. She is incredible with her students and brings so much joy when she interacts with me. She has taught me the importance of believing in myself and all lessons I learn through her dancing gives me confidence."

Our Classes

At Tatvam, we provide an environment that helps develop a quest for learning so that the children can achieve great success in the future


Beginner Sessions

Students are taught exercises for flexibility, strength, stamina and good posture, introduced to basic adavus, introduced to theory of Bharathanatyam, hand gestures, head, neck, eye and leg positions and some simple songs requiring minimal facial expressions.

Intermediate Sessions

Students are taught adavus with increased complexity, simple items, introduced to talam, recitation of adavus according to talam, hastha viniyogas and other theory concepts.

Advanced Sessions

Students are taught items with increased complexity, theory of bharathanatyam in more detail, assist in classes for beginners and intermediate level,learn nattuvangam and experiment with choreography.  

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