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Tatvam School
of Dance

Promoting Bharathanatyam amongst the younger generation with emphasis on maintaining its authenticity and guiding them to experience divinity through art.


Our Mission

At Tatvam School of Dance, we strive to bring to this generation of young talents, the ancient and rich tradition of bharathanatyam with emphasis on maintaining its authenticity as performed and propagated by the legendary practitioners of the art form.

Tatvam aims to produce dancers who are well-equipped and passionate about Bharathanatyam and will take this wonderful art to future generations ensuring its continued glory.

Our Classes

At Tatvam we believe that each child is unique and learns best at his/her own pace


Beginner Sessions

Intermediate Sessions

Advanced Sessions

"Tatvam is one of the best dance schools I have seen. Lavanya gives attention to detail rather than rushing things.”

Chitra Sivasankaran, Tatvam Parent

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