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Vijayadashami Celebrations at Tatvam

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

The sounds of students narrating the prayer, performing their dance steps and catching up with friends filled the dance studio of Tatvam on Tuesday, October 4th, when Vijayadashami was celebrated by the dance school. Many new students received their first lesson in Bharatanatyam along with all other students who learned new steps. Vijayadashami, which follows the nine-day Navaratri festivities, is a very auspicious day to begin any new endeavor. In keeping with the Indian tradition of celebrating the beginning of a new year of learning, Vijayadashami was celebrated at the Tatvam Studio with all the students.

"We try and inculcate our culture, tradition and values through art. Vijayadashami is a good day to start learning something new. We have this tradition of having all the students do a few steps that they already know and then learn a new step." said Guru Smt. Lavanya Prabu. "Every year we also have many new students join us during this time. Even though we take registrations throughout the year, many parents prefer to start on this day," she said.

It was a really festive scene with all the kids coming to show their respect to their teacher, their dance school and the art form itself, despite their busy schedule during a school day.


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